Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Nation Reborn

Constitutional Texas Republic

By Ed Brannum

It started with an unlawful annexation by resolution from the US Congress. There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution that allows its Congress any authority for annexing a foreign nation, which the Constitutional Texas republic is and was at that time. To accomplish annexation, the U.S. House and Senate passed an unlawful joint resolution using color of law. There was not a quorum present to vote on the matter, so it was passed unlawfully.

Further, only the US Senate by a two-thirds majority vote can pass an annexation treaty, and their annexation authority is limited to territories, not nations. Through this fraud the Constitutional republic of the Texas Nation was unlawfully made by color of law trickery a part of the United States.

Re-Claiming Sovereignty
The government of the Texas republic Nation has now lawfully been vested back into the hands of the people of Texas as a Constitutional republic Nation. This process is not an act of seceding from the U.S. since history shows that citizens of the Constitutional Texas republic never voted to cede their land in the first place.

More Information
The Constitutional Republic of Texas’ home page on the Internet is Much information, as well as e-mail addresses, are provided there. You may also keep in touch with current meetings and events by emailing the Constitutional Senator District # 5 at

The Next Step
The legal steps have been taken. The framework is in place. Now we can proudly stand upon principle, not because it is popular or easy, but because it is the right thing to do. Why would we continue to support Fraud? It is time to declare your right to live as a free individual and claim the freedoms of life in a republic. Unlike democracy where 51% of the people can enslave the other 49%, in a republic neither the people nor the government can vote away the rights of a Citizen. In the Texas republic a higher authority than man grants these rights.

Freedom for all Texian inhabitants
The Constitutional republic of Texas is not, cannot and will not become a corporate member of the United Nations or a so-called One World Government. It is a Neutral Nation among the Nations being of God’s World, where its People will enjoy Freedom from oppressive government, Freedom from direct taxes, Freedom of allodial land ownership, Freedom of Travel without toll roads, Freedom of education, Freedom to own and run a personal business without fees, regulations, statutes or codes, Freedom to defend family and property without being arrested, Freedom of speech and Freedom to exercise their God Given Rights.

The Right for Texians is having Independence as a Nation under God’s law held up by Texas Common Law For understanding what rights the People claiming to be in their official national name, Texians, have to exist and to operate as a free and independent nation, there are two separate fields of study one must address to comprehend its basis in fact. First is history and second is man’s international law, or what is termed in its organic source, as God’s law of nations. Neither field of law address the total question nor answers it.

The Unlawful Fraud
Let us begin this quest for understanding by revealing the facts of the history and the law so that you can make your own judgment on the question.

On March 2, 1836, while in the middle of a war for its independence, the Texians boldly declared their independence from Mexico, which itself several years before, had declared itself independent from Spain. The Texian movement, which had begun formally on November 13, 1835, assembled and adopted the formation of a provisional government. Texians were at war to free themselves from a tyrannical government, but there are also historical records to show that there was another agenda directed towards eventually bringing Texas into a union with the United States. After the fall of the Alamo, delegates in convention adopted a constitution for the new nation of Texas, known as the republic of Texas, on March 17, 1836. On May 14, 1836, by secret agreement with General Santa Anna in the Treaty of Velasco, Texas became a free and sovereign nation. On April 25, 1838 the United States of America entered into a formal treaty, which was declared ratified on October 13, 1838, recognizing the full boundaries of the Constitutional republic of Texas that were also agreed to by the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819 between the United States of America and the Nation of Spain, which encompassed approximately 393,000 square miles of land and included parts of the present corporate states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The Congressional Records of both the Congress of the United States and Congress of the republic of Texas between 1837 and 1845 show that there had been several attempts to bring Texas into a union with the United States; but due to the aggressive stances of several senators and congressmen, such as John Quincy Adams, they were able to prove on the U.S. Congressional Record that it would be unconstitutional for the United States to annex the Texas Nation or any other foreign nation without proper ratification of an amendment to the Constitution to allow for such annexation. But on February 27, 1845, the Senate of the United States usurped its authority under the U.S. Constitution and started the unlawful process to annex Texas to a foreign Nation. This usurpation of authority lacked any lawful foundation under the international law, law of nations and the United States Constitution.

The US senate was unable to muster enough votes to pass an unlawful treaty, so they proceeded un-lawfully to annex the Texas Nation with a so-called joint resolution. There is a big difference between a Treaty and a Resolution.

Texas is a North American sovereign Nation standing under God’s law that is alive and surviving after being fraudulently placed in a dormant state for 161 years and was released from said state in September 2005. The republic of Texas Nation was brought out of dormancy with a National People’s ballot election for the reconstituting of their Constitutional Texas republic Government with being in compliance with the 1836 organic republic of Texas Constitution and accepted by the Texian people and for the Texian people.

There has never been a lawful Treaty of Annexation between the United States of America and the republic of Texas. The records of these congressional proceedings during 1845 and early 1846 are quite explicit, with documented facts showing the unlawful annexation.

Although historians argue that the people of Texas voted for the annexation, they refuse to explain why the Constitution of the United States was violated by the lack of an amendment and ratification by the states then in the union. The records clearly show that the people of the United States would not have voted in support of Texas Annexation and that Texas Annexation was strictly a ploy to facilitate United States’ invasion of Mexico in order to gain Pacific Ocean seaports in California for certain international interests propagated by the United States.

Some historians will argue that since the People of Texas voted on this subject, and due to the long passage of time, the question is settled. Enter now the twist of history and international law that no one officially wants to face and everyone is trying to ignore. Man’s time cannot cure actions of un-lawfulness or fraud. Only God can forgive them.

As part of the unlawful Annexation Resolution of 1845, The People of The Republic of Texas were tricked into adopting a new constitution, which they did on December 29, 1845, but no matter how much you research from that date after 1845 or how much time has past, Fraud is Fraud and all matters regarding the Corporatism THE STATE OF TEXAS and parts of THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO, THE STATE OF COLORADO, THE STATE OF WYOMING, THE STATE OF KANSAS, and THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA are null and void since 1845when the 10th Congress was forced into abeyance un-lawfully until its re-birth in the Year of our Lord 2005 (161 years). *As a Maxim of Law, fraud vitiates any agreement or contract ab initio (from the beginning).

Texians gained back their rights
The right of those claiming status as Texian Nationals to reform their nation is a reserved right given by God the almighty creator. It now has been reinstated and there is no court in the world that has lawful jurisdiction to decide this political issue. The hard facts are that the Constitutional republic of Texas Political Body assembled as the re-elected 10th Congress in September of 2005. Whereas the people, replaced the elected treasonous and Oath of Office violators of the 1845 10th Congress members who walked off their jobs and away from their responsibilities with dishonor by not convening the 10th congress legislative session thereby placing the Constitutional “Congress of the republic of Texas” into abeyance or dormancy.

After being brought forward in 2005 from the forced abeyance in 1845 by an unlawful Resolution falsely portrayed as a so-called treaty that never was, the Nation of Texas with its Constitutional “Congress of the republic of Texas” is presently conducting business under God’s law and the organic 1836 Constitution “as amended in September 2007.” It has now entered into its 3rd session as the Constitutional republic of Texas so named the 12th elected Congress for the Years of our Lord 2007-2008.

The Texians Demand: Let us go in peace
We native-born Texians, and many adopted Texans, simply want to reclaim our Texas heritage. With respect to Texas, the Corporate United States has violated its own Constitution by not providing Texas with a Republican Form of Government, and has unlawfully compelled the Texian People to participate in its fatally flawed wars, economics, social security, welfare, immigration programs, and its democracy (which was eschewed by the Founding Fathers). It has unlawfully hypothecated Texas land to THE STATE OF TEXAS, and parts of THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO, THE STATE OF COLORADO, THE STATE OF WYOMING, THE STATE OF KANSAS, and THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

The Texian People, acting through their body politic, the organic Constitutional Texas republic is re-establishing its true and lawful standing as an independent sovereign nation. Peaceful and lawful recognition by the United States will allow Texas to become the Republican nation where the main duty of the government is the protection of the Peoples’ Rights, Freedom, and Property; Where the government recognizes that the People are the Sovereigns, and the members of government are their servants; Where private personal Religion and Economics are areas that the government dare not enter, and where the People understand what the true role of government is, as well as understand the true nature of government.

The early Texian pioneers and settlers understood and appreciated the Promise of a Nation operating under a Constitutional Republic form of government, using only Gold and Silver as tender of payment of debts, embracing the common-law developed over the centuries to protect and secure the rights of man, providing man the ability to own land and property in allodium, guaranteeing that man will enjoy the fruits of his labor without being taxed for the right to earn a living and provide food, shelter, and the pursuit of happiness for one’s family. They saw an opportunity in Texas that wasn’t available in the United States and headed for Texas. They were up against the harsh Texas land. An imperious government and seemingly insurmountable odds taking on an Army thirty times their size at the Alamo, and finally being victorious in battle and negotiations to win the war and the land, for the people forever.

That is what being a “Texian” means. If you are of like mind we invite you to join us. Our Nation is being reclaimed one living soul at a time. The time is now! We have all the documentation supporting Texas as a legitimate, lawful, sovereign and independent nation that has come out of abeyance to take its lawful place among the nations of this planet.